A Synthesis of Art and Function

For your customers, a day without power is one too many. Whether they're home or away, a KOHLER commercial-grade home generator is dependable protection during power outages. Be the hero who prepared these families, so they can enjoy life without interruption™.

Kohler Generator

Why KOHLER® Backup Power?

Kohler built the first modern generator in 1920, and we've been pushing the industry in new directions ever since. Respected for their reliability, KOHLER® generators are trusted by hospitals, retailers and the U.S. government. KOHLER backup power is clean, fast and reliable - restoring power in 10 seconds or less.

Backup Lights

Backup Power Basics

Each KOHLER backup power system includes the generator unit, transfer switch and battery charger. Learn more about backup power and the KOHLER solution. Watch our series of videos.

Power Usage in Home

Power Matched to Their Needs

The correct generator for your customer depends on the type and size of the appliances they wish to power during an outage. For help in selecting the right generator, use our Sizing Calculator.